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Socrata, Inc.

In 2018, Socrata was acquired by Tyler Technologies. The Socrata software is now Tyler Data & Insights. Learn more:

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  1. soda-js soda-js Public

    A Javascript-based library for accessing the SODA2 API.

    JavaScript 168 48

  2. soda-ruby soda-ruby Public

    A RubyGem for the Socrata Open Data API

    Ruby 122 23

  3. datasync datasync Public

    Desktop / Console application for updating Socrata datasets automatically.

    Java 76 33

  4. socrata-py socrata-py Public

    socrata data-pipeline python library

    Python 76 26

  5. soda-java soda-java Public

    This is the Java API for the SODA 2.0 API

    Java 69 39

  6. soda-php soda-php Public

    A simple library to make it easier to access SODA services from PHP

    PHP 64 28


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