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@sogehige sogehige released this 13 Apr 09:30
  • events:
    • Add increment and decrement operations for custom variables
  • filters:
    • Add $!param filter for non-required parameters (will return n/a on empty)
  • d025705 tool/commits: List commits as unordered list
  • f68755c integration/streamlabs: Add debug messages
  • 564e9c1 integration/streamlabs: Don't update and current tips if test
  • 9e8bfcc lib/api: Remove data saving from error
  • 18e3a2d system/highlights: Fix incorrect saving of highlights
  • abc93b2 lib/message: Set sender attribute as null when not defined
  • 9367e03 lib/events: Add increment and decrement of $_ operations
  • 780c7df lib/events: Update title only if custom variable is in title
  • 99d0fd9 lib/message: Update title only if custom variable is in title
  • d87ec1d lib/twitch: Simplify !followers and !subs
  • 7e789f3 tool/nedb-to-mongodb: Add simple migration tool from nedb to mongodb
  • d90d203 tool/nedb-to-mongodb: Remove unused require
  • f7e86e1 ui/viewers: Remove points input and data if points system disabled
  • bbf90fc db/master: Retry data send to worker until its ready
  • 8d7f571 db/master: Fix requests were not correctly sent
  • fec7558 lib/translate: Fix incorrect loading of custom translations
  • 6f69045 lib/message: Fix $param behavior and add not required $!param
  • b9087e3 ui/commands: Add $param and $!param filters
  • 75bf88f package: Update dependencies
  • 8bbbe6d lib/api: Revert API stats cleanup
  • 4b13f36 lib/currency: Change rate provider to
  • 273a82a lib/commons: Warn only if there is text to warn
  • 89648ff ui/cmdboard: Add switcher list, grid
  • e16a901 lib/api: Update online timestamp if current timestamp is later than it should be
  • 7abaf12 lib/api: Remove api.stats collection and saving
  • 7848b38 various: Remove all api.stats references