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ReProvision Reborn

Re-sign applications on your device.

This project aims at making it easier to (re-)sign iOS and Apple Watch applications on a jailbroken iOS device, allowing users to avoid the 7-day limit of free certificates associated with their normal Apple account.


  • Automatic re-signing of locally provisioned applications
  • Basic settings to configure alerts shown when applications are (re-)signed
  • Ability to install any .ipa file downloaded through Safari from the device
  • Support for (re-)signing Apple Watch applications
  • 3D Touch menu for starting a new re-signing routine directly from the Homescreen
  • URL scheme to install ipa file from URL

Battery optimisations are also in place through the usage of a background daemon to handle automatic signing.

URL scheme

ReProvision Reborn supports URL scheme. reprovision://install?url=<IPA URL>


The original project, ReProvision, has been EOL after Apple changed the process of application provisioning on their servers. This fork of ReProvision attempts to maintain the project and get it up-to-date with support for iOS 13 and above, which also explains the rename of the project.

Although this is an attempt at resurrecting the project, I ask that you do not bother the original developer about specific updates made to this fork, since they're no longer behind the project.


Attempting to maintain this fork comes at the cost of "dropping" tvOS and macOS support, since other viable options, such as AltStore and AltDeploy are available for their respective platforms; the main focus of this fork is iOS.

Furthermore, while re-distribution of this software is allowed, support for modified versions of this software will not be provided.

Account Handling

Like most provisioning software, ReProvision supports free and paid development Apple accounts. While crendentials are stored in the device's Keychain for subsequent re-use, they're only sent to Apple's iTunes Connect API for authentication.

AltStore vs ReProvision

This fork of ReProvision uses the same techniques that AltStore uses to tackle provisioning, and by no means should be considered as a competitor.


Pull requests, which add a new feature or fix a bug/error, or issue tickets are welcome. Check out the contributing guidelines for further information.


As long as you have standard libraries for Xcode projects, the only dependencies you need are CocoaPods, Git, and iOSOpenDev. You can build the project with 3 simple steps

  1. git clone
  2. pod install in the project's root directory
  3. Open ReProvision.xcworkspace, and roll from there

License and Third-Party Libraries

Licensed under the AGPLv3 license. This project occupies specific third-party libraries, which have all been listed (and given credit to) in this notice.

The software, ReProvision Reborn (and by extension, libReprovision as found in /Shared/), and all consecutive copies of the software, are provided without warranty and AS-IS. This project is NOT intended for piracy.

Special thanks to Matchstic for originally developing ReProvision, and rileytestut for his amazing work on AltStore.