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Four to the beat JS

"In the era of information overload, simple slides just don’t cut it.

Brace yourselves, for you’re going to experience a never-seen-before JavaScript talk. Or rather, a meta-talk: a continuous, seamless display of rich media content where I’ll describe how you can build this kind of engaging, hypnotic talks that involve the speaker, audio, visuals and a good dose of beats. All it takes is a little bit of rhythm."

This is the software I used for my talk. To run it you need to fire up the node.js server but before that you need to install the dependencies. So...

  • clone
  • cd to the dir
  • npm install
  • cp local.json-dist local.json
  • node app.js

In another tab:

  • watchify public/js/main.js -o public/build/bundle.js


  • browserify public/js/main.js -o public/build/bundle.js

And open http://localhost:7777 in your server


  • Left/right arrows to move back and forth
  • T toggles transport bar
  • G toggles gear GUI
  • F toggle fullscreen

To do

There are many things I wanted to do and might do in the future but I didn't have to do in little more than a month for preparing this talk :-) So let me share with you my to-do list:

  • twitter thingie

  • bajotron release weirdness

    • if it doesnt reach sustain (?) then on release goes directly to 0 (?)
  • use more controls from quneo

  • adsr per sample in porrompom for smoother decays

  • on screen piano keyboard - try notes without connected controller

  • filters? better sound.

    • with envelopes?
    • renoise curves -> envelopes points set value immediately
  • sampler instrument (different frequencies)

  • gfx gear

    • fft / spectrum
    • things that display notes - listening to note on etc
      • more abstract like those youtoube videos representing classical scores
      • cubic player style vis - note dots etc
  • vocoder

  • disconnect on note offs?

  • refactor defining Gear interface ("GearBase" class) (?)

    • Our 'when' is relative - is this good?
      • It becomes absolute when used with final audio api objects (eg in oscillatornodes). So far, in:
        • OscillatorVoice
        • SampleVoice
        • ADSR
    • Common methods
      • noteOn(note, volume, when)
      • noteOff
    • Common properties
      • output
        • (almost) every gear component output is a gain node
          • Allows for changing the gain amount of that node, automating it, etc (?)
        • also easy connection: someComponent.output.connect(audioContext.destination);
      • input (in some cases --> analyser node)
  • Orxatron -> npm dependencies: eventdispatcher

    • make it use the eventdispatcher packaged in node_modules --as dependency in package.json
  • Gear -> npm dependencies: eventdispatcher

  • gui -> how to test properly ?

  • xtag - things in templates don't seem to be having accessors and stuff initialised properly but seem to work OK if instantiated on the fly?


Colchonator -> Bajotron, ADSR Bajotron -> SampleVoice, NoiseGenerator, ADSR Porrompom -> SampleVoice


  • Bajotron
  • Colchonator
  • Porrompom
  • Mixer


  • ADSR
  • SampleVoice
  • NoiseGenerator


Four to the floor JavaScript - JSConf.EU 2013 talk



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