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Soletta Development Application

Soletta Development Application provides a web-based environment where developers can write, visualize, modify, run, test and debug their Soletta FBP programs. The Soletta Development Application is supposed to run on your target board and it then exposes the development environment through a web server application based on node.js.

FBP stands for Flow-Based Programming, which allows the programmer to express business logic as a directional graph of nodes connected to type-specific ports.

Soletta Project is a framework for making IoT devices. With Soletta Project's libraries developers can easily write software for devices that control actuators/sensors and communicate using standard technologies. It enables adding smartness even on the smallest edge devices.

If you have any question or want to propose any a change contact the soletta project on github:

Web-browser compatibility

Soletta Dev-App is compatible with:

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla FireFox
  • Opera


  • soletta
  • nodejs
  • npm
  • bower
  • systemd 216 or newer
  • graphviz

Dependencies Installation

Install Soletta

To get soletta and how to install click here.

Install nodejs, npm and graphviz

To install on common linux distros:

    dnf install nodejs npm graphviz
    pacman -S nodejs npm graphviz
    apt-get install nodejs npm graphviz
Install bower (as root):
    npm install -g bower

Soletta Developmet Application Installation

Automatic Installation (Recommended):

To install clone github repo or install it using npm:

    npm install soletta-dev-app

Run the install script in the root folder of the Solletta Development Application project


Manual Installation:

Clone the github repository and run the followings

Install back-end depedencies (as server user):
    npm install
Install front-end depedencies (as server user):
    bower install
Install services

Install the following service in your systemd:

These services can be found in the folder scripts/units/.

The service soletta-dev-app-server needs to be renamed and edited before installing in the systemd.

Firstly, it is necessary to configure the server PATH inside of the service.

Open the service and replace the word PATH to the full path of the Soletta Development Application

Secondly, install the service with the name soletta-dev-app-server.service (Remove the .in suffix)

Starting server

Run the following command:

    systemctl start soletta-dev-app-server.service

If start the server with systemd is unwanted, then run the following:

    node server/app.js

Depending of the nodejs installation the command might be:

    nodejs server/app.js

Server configuration

Default sever configuration file can be found in path server/configuration.json.

The server accepts a configuration file as a parameter, to do it just pass the path of the custom configuration file when running the server for example:

    node server/app.js /tmp/my_custom_configuration.json

If no argument is provided it will get the default server configuration file.

Configuration attributes

     The port listened by the server. Default: 80

      Choose if you want the server to show its output.
      Default: true

      Choose where to store user repos.
      Default: /tmp

      Choose where to store tmp files.
      Default: /tmp

      Choose where to store sessions files.
      Default: ./sessions
      If the folder does not exists, it will be created.
      Where ./ means root of the server folder.

      Allows users to access the journal tab.
      Default: true

     Allows users to access the cheat sheet tab.
      Default: true

      Allows users to run fbp files on server sheet tab.
      Default: true

      Enable the accounts system.

      Allows users to generate image for target platform.

      Choose from what url you want to load cheat sheet.

      The journal refresh interval, in mileseconds
      Default 3000 ms

      The refresh period of the fbp runer service status, in miliseconds.
      Default 1000 ms

      The refresh period of the output dialog, where stdout/stderr of
      running fbp file is displayed.
      Default: 1000 ms

      The refresh period of the syntax checker
      Default: 1100 ms

      Enables system that allows multiple running sessions
      Default: false

Whenever you make a change in the configuration file the server needs to be restarted.