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A standard DBIx::Class layer for the Chado database schema. Bootstrapped and updated using DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader.

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Bio::Chado::Schema - A DBIx::Class ORM layer for Chado

This is a standard object-relational mapping layer for use with the GMOD Chado database schema. This layer is implemented with DBIx::Class, generated with the help of the very fine DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader module.

Chado is an open-source modular database schema for biological data. It is divided into several notional "modules", which are reflected in the namespace organization of this package. Note that modules in the Chado context refers to sets of tables, they are not modules in the Perl sense.


From CPAN and friends

If you are using a distribution tarball of Bio::Chado::Schema (such as from CPAN) :

perl Build.PL

./Build installdeps

./Build test

./Build install

From a git repo

If you are developer using the git repo, then Dist::Zilla needs to be used:

dzil build

dzil test

dzil install
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