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Solid Authorization Panel

Join the chat at

The mission of the Authorization Panel as part of the W3C Solid Community Group (CG) is to produce candidate proposals to the Solid ecosystem of specifications that satisfy use cases and requirements related to authorizing access to data in a Solid Pod.

Work Items

Work Item Repository Expected Completion
Authorization Use Cases and Requirements TBD
Authorization Use Cases Survey TBD
Access Control Policy TBD

The Authorization Panel is undertaking the following initiatives, in priority order:

  1. Document use cases and requirements for authorization (Source).
  2. Produce an authorization system specification to satisfy those use cases and requirements.
  3. Propose mechanism(s) for client constraints.


All contributors to any Work Items must be members of the Solid CG. It’s easy to join the CG.

Anyone can join the Authorization Panel chat.

Online panel meetings occur sporadically on Wednesday, 14:00 UTC at

The time and focus of authorization meetings is currently being discussed.

Meetings are transcribed and published.

Code of Conduct

All work and communication within the Solid CG is covered by the Solid Code of Conduct and the Positive Work Environment at W3C: Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.