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Solid specifications

This repository contains the source code of the work on Solid Technical Reports (TR) of the W3C Solid Community Group (CG) to meet the needs of the Solid Project.

The TRs include specifications, use cases and requirements, best practices and guidelines, primers and notes about the Solid ecosystem. The CG's Work Items are linked from the TR homepage.

The Solid Protocol is available from the following URLs:


All substantive contributors to Work Items must be members of the Solid CG. It’s easy to join the CG if you’d like to contribute. Guests are welcome but do not have voting rights.

Anyone can join the Solid specification chat.

Solid Panels focus on certain work streams, with an aim to propose technical reports for the Solid ecosystem:


See the contributing guide for detailed instructions on how to get started with our project.

Code of Conduct

All work and communication within the Solid CG is covered by the Solid Code of Conduct as well as the Positive Work Environment at W3C: Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.