Simple ClamAV client for streaming data to clamd server
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Simple ClamAV Java client. See also ClamAV REST service which builds on top of this.

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What is provided

Support for basic INSTREAM scanning and PING command.

Clamd protocol is explained here:

A REST style API and server can be found from another repository, clamav-rest.

Using the client

Code is self explanatory. Something like this is the idea:

  ClamAVClient cl = new ClamAVClient("", 3310);
  byte[] reply;
  try {
    reply = cl.scan(input);
  } catch (Exception e) {
    throw new RuntimeException("Could not scan the input", e);
  if (!ClamAVClient.isCleanReply(reply)) {
   throw new Exception("aaargh. Something was found");

Maven dependency


Creating the jar

mvn install

Testing the client

To run the automated tests you are assumed to run the clamd in a local virtual machine. Configuration for Vagrant and Oracle Virtualbox is provided.

To start test server simply

cd vagrant
vagrant up clamav

This will kick up a CentOS virtual machine and install ClamAV in it.

Alternatively, you could use Docker image to run ClamAV. Automated tests with Travis CI run using Docker image for ClamAV. The test image runs with artificially low MaxStreamLength setting on purpose.



Copyright © 2014 Solita

Distributed under the GNU Lesser General Public License, either version 2.1 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.