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Bcfg2 - Sample Repository

The Bcfg2 sample repository contains example files for various Bcfg2 generators and plugins. Those files may not work in your environment without manual configuration. Others can be obsolete from time to time. The only purpose is to give you a entry point for your own configuration.

How to use

  1. Browse the samples online

    Visit and see what's inside the example repository.

  2. Browse the samples offline

    If git is installed on your system then you can clone the complete sample repository to your local harddrive.:

    git clone
  3. Use the data to start your own Bcfg2 repository from the beginning

    After running 'bcfg2-admin init' your Bcfg2 respository contains only a few files. Before you proceed with the next step, make a backup of your exisiting files in the local Bcfg2 repository (e.g. /var/lib/bcfg2).

    You can delete the whole directory and pull a copy of all Bcfg2 sample files. This operation needs to be run as root (provided this is the user you are using to run the Bcfg2 server).:

    cd /var/lib/ && rm -rf bcfg2
    git clone bcfg2

    Once this has been completed, you will need to create localclients.xml and localgroups.xml with the appropriate content. Initially, this can be simply copied from the upstream files and modified to suit your needs.

    We recommend to put your local Bcfg2 repository under some sort of version control. For more detail please refer to the following wiki page:

Want to contribute?

Do you have a configuration which could be useful for others? Do you want to share your knowledge with the community? The easiest way to get your stuff integrated is to fork the git respository and to place a pull request. For more details check

Need help

Bcfg2 samples are BSD-licensed, for more details check COPYING.

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