Modern Desktop Theme Suite
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EvoPop Theme

EvoPop is a modern desktop theme suite. Its design is mostly flat with a minimal use of shadows for depth. Requires Gtk 3.20 to function properly. The theme is primarily build for the Solus Project, this means I can only provide Budgie, Mate and Gnome support.

EvoPop is distributed under the terms the GNU General Public License (GNU GPL v.3).

Supported Desktop Environments

  • Budgie-Desktop
  • Gnome-Shell
  • Mate

Getting EvoPop

You can download the EvoPop theme here.

Building EvoPop

You can build and install the EvoPop GTK theme from source:

sudo make install

This procedure requires autotools on your system.

Installing EvoPop

Alternatively you may install EvoPop with the provided installation scripts:


Geary Fix

For those of you who run Geary, there is a common problem where it uses the active font color for regular buttons. Which makes them unreadable. This bash file makes a decent workaround (which is also fine to use for other themes)