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Quickly and easily list and fetch .gitignore templates from
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What and why

Far too often I find myself going to to quickly get .gitignore templates for my projects, so what would any reasonable programmer do for menial and repetitive tasks? Automate it! Now you can quickly and easily get and list all the templates available on


Make sure you have Rust installed (I recommend installing via rustup), then run cargo install git-ignore-generator.

To list all the available templates:

$ git ignore --list

You can also search for templates (--list can be both before and after the queries):

$ git ignore rust intellij --list

Then you can download the templates by omitting --list:

$ git ignore rust intellij+all

# Created by,intellij+all
# Edit at,intellij+all


# These are backup files generated by rustfmt

# End of,intellij+all

Finally, if need be, you can always run git ignore -h to see more options --- spoiler alert, there are none.

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