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Adventure Game Studio fork

This is a fork of Chris Jones' AGS open source release.

Current changes

  • moved library code into External/
  • started looking into creating an allegro4/5 wrapper (dunno if will still go down this road), see stub.cpp/stub.h
  • started work on removing all the externs and adding header files


  • split ac.cpp.
  • add opengl support
  • clean up code
  • port to mac (lion at least!). This may require porting allegro 4 to lion.
  • port to allegro5/sdl/???
  • replace some of the libraries.


Open Engine/acwin.vcproj in Visual Studio and compile. There's a but that's a quick hack for now.


The source for most libraries is included. Most been modified slightly to add features or prevent symbol conflicts. I've tried to hunt down version numbers and download locations.

The forum post hinted where to find the homepage of alogg, almp3, alfont.


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