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openFrameworks addon with scene graph, animations, enhanced text, and more.
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Soso OpenFrameworks Addon Copyright (C) 2012-2014 Sosolimited

OpenFrameworks addon that provides a scene graph structure, animations, enhanced text, and more. Look at src header files for descriptions of each object.

As of 12/2014, we will tag ofxSoso releases with names corresponding to openFrameworks releases. We recommend grabbing the oF and ofxSoso release versions for best results.

While we strive to maintain compatibility between the ofxSoso master branch and the oF master branch, only release versions are guaranteed.

Basic instructions

1 - Clone OpenFrameworks
git clone

2 - Clone ofxSoso in openFrameworks/addons
git clone

For versions of openFrameworks 0.8.4 and earlier:

3 - Clone the Sosolimited fork of ofxAVFVideoPlayer into openFrameworks/addons
git clone

4 - Follow kronick’s instructions for adding ofxAVFVideoPlayer to your project

To use release versions of oF and ofxSoso (recommended)

Fetch tags for both openFrameworks and ofxSoso git repos.
git fetch — tags

Checkout matching
git fetch — tags

List tags for openFrameworks and checkout appropriate version.
git tag -l
git checkout 0.8.4

List tags for ofxSoso and checkout appropriate version.
git tag -l
git checkout

To use master versions of oF and ofxSoso

No additional work is needed.

Creating a New Example Project

To create a new example project, duplicate the empty example found in ofxSoso/examples. Rename the containing folder after duplication, but NONE of the project files.

To rename the project files within XCode 5 or above, slowly double click on the project's name in the project explorer. Type in your new project's name and when prompted, agree to rename all other relevant files.

Note: You will manually have to create new schemes to match your new project name.


Most ofxSoso examples run without additional addons.

To run the addonGuiExample, download ofxUI and place in openFrameworks/addons.


Examples are currently built and tested with Xcode. Visual Studio support is untested.

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