A lightweight Lua-based IDE for Lua with code completion, syntax highlighting, live coding, remote debugger, and code analyzer
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MOVE TO ZeroBraneStudio: http://notebook.kulchenko.com/zerobrane/torch-debugging-with-zerobrane-studio

You no longer need this fork to use torch in zerobranestudio. The above link shows full integration with Torch.


Project Description

ZBS-torch is a fork of ZeroBrane Studio to get it to work with Torch-7

For an overview of ZeroBrane Studio, see README-zbs

  • Written in Lua, so easily customizable.
  • Small, portable, and cross-platform (Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux).
  • Auto-completion for functions, keywords, and custom APIs.
  • Interactive console to directly test code snippets with local and remote execution.
  • Integrated debugger with local and remote debugging for Lua 5.1, Lua 5.2, Lua 5.3, LuaJIT, and other Lua engines.
  • Live coding with Lua, LÖVE, Gideros, Moai, Corona SDK, GSL-shell, and other engines.
  • Function outline.
  • Fuzzy search with Go To File, project-wide Go To Symbol, and Insert Library Function.
  • Several ways to extend the current functionality:
    • specs (spec/): specifications for file syntax, lexer, and keywords;
    • apis (api/): descriptions for code completion and tooltips;
    • interpreters (interpreters/): components for setting debugging and run-time project environment;
    • packages (packages/): plugins that provide additional functionality;
    • config (cfg/): settings for styles, color themes, and other preferences;
    • translations (cfg/i18n/): translations of the menus and messages to other languages;
    • tools (tools/): additional tools.



  • Get Torch

  • Install mobdebug with luarocks with

$ luarocks install mobdebug
$ git clone https://github.com/soumith/zbs-torch.git
$ cd zbs-torch
$ ./zbstudio.sh


To debug a torch file,

  • Start zbs from the zbs-torch directory with the command
$ ./zbstudio.sh
  • Start the debugger server from "Project->Start Debugger Server"

  • Change the interpreter to Torch-7 "Project->Lua Interpreter->Torch-7"

  • Add the following line to the top of the file you are debugging


For Example, this file

require 'image'
print('Wheres Waldo?')
a=image.rotate(image.lena(), 1.0)
print('OK Bye')


require 'image'
print('Wheres Waldo?')
a=image.rotate(image.lena(), 1.0)
print('OK Bye')
  • Run the file from the menu "Project->Run"
  • You should see the debugger stop at the first line of the file, then you can set breakpoints, continue, step etc.

Original Author

ZeroBrane Studio and MobDebug

ZeroBrane LLC: Paul Kulchenko (paul@kulchenko.com)