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Google Spreadsheet as a DB for Google Apps Script.
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What's SpreadsheetDB?

  • This Script can be Spreadsheet as a DB for Google Apps Script.
  • It can do select/insert/update/delete Row(s) on Spreadsheet by query.
  • It can full text query to Spreadsheet rows.

How it work?

  • It use List Base Feed on Google Spreadsheet API.

How use it?

  • You can use it as a Library
    • Library ID: MlMEyCNWeCV97wefWrBRcEQV62A3znfOO
  • Do you need code assist? You can use mock library and mini hack for code assist.
    • Mock Library ID: MORnDiFLK6dWUCyoTNsS1HQV62A3znfOO
    • Use both adobe library ids and write below code.
  • var spreadsheetService = GSSDB.createService(spreadsheetId , consumerKey , consumerSecret);
    //var spreadsheetService = SpreadsheetService; it's hack for gas editor. you can do code assist after code.



var spreadsheetService = GSSDB.createService(ss.getId());
//if you need set ConsumerKey and ConsumerSecret
var spreadsheetService = GSSDB.createService(ss.getId() , "consumerKey" , "consumerSecret");
  • args1 spreadsheet id
  • args2 consumerKey
  • args3 consumerSecret

insert row.

var entry = {

var entry2 = {
  "name": "soundTricker2"

//If your need insert row, you user insert method
spreadsheetService.insert(ss.getSheets()[0].getName(), entry);
  • arg0 : sheetName
  • arg1 : insert object, {column : value}

select row(s).

var rows = spreadsheetService.query(ss.getSheets()[0].getName(), ""); //if you need all rows,arg1 set empty string.

//maybe rows length is 2, and rows[0]'is 1, rows[1]'id is 2
//query result always return as a array. if result length is 1.
var row = spreadsheetService.query(ss.getSheets()[0].getName() , "id=1");
  • arg0 : sheetName
  • arg1 : query. query reference is
  • arg2 : advanceObject
  • if you need sorted result or revesed result or full-text query,you set advanceObject.
  • advanceObject field is

    { orderby : "column:columnName" ,//Specifies what column to use in ordering the entries in the feed. reverse:true/false , // Specifies whether to sort in descending or ascending order. q: full-text-query for rows };

update row

spreadsheetService.update(ss.getSheets()[0].getName() , row[0]);
  • arg0 : sheetName
  • arg1 : update object. it shoud be selected object by query method.

delete row

spreadsheetService.deleteEntry(ss.getSheets()[0].getName() , row[0]);
  • arg0 : sheetName
  • arg1 : delete object. it shoud be selected object by query method.

if you update sheetName or add sheet. you should call refleshListKey method

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