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  1. TYPO3 extension t3api. REST API for your TYPO3 project. Config with annotations, built in filtering, pagination, typolinks, image processing, uploads (FAL), serialization contexts, responses in Hyd…

    PHP 10 6

  2. ddev based demo for ext:t3api serving ext:news models

    PHP 1

  3. JSON API for TYPO3 ext:news. Use with ext:t3api.

    PHP 2 1

  4. TYPO3 extension imageopt. Optimize images resized by TYPO3 so they will take less space, page will be downloaded faster and Google PageSpeed Insights score will get higher.

    PHP 27 7

  5. TYPO3 extension urlguard. Allows to define what query parameters will be passed to newly created typolinks.

    PHP 13 3

  6. Deployer based deployment for TYPO3 with media and database synchronisation.

    PHP 16 4


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