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Jira Project Template plugin
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Name Jira project template
Version 0.1
Product Versions Atlassian JIRA 3.13
Author(s) Roberto Manicardi (Sourcesense)
Price Free
License Apache 2.0
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Version number Notes
0.1 First version


Jira lacks of a system to create new project using templates. With this plugin users can define project templates (i.e. the common part of configuration between projects) and create new projects using these templates. This plugin offers a solution for the issue A template is simply a Jira issue in a special project in which the custom fields are the configuration items of the project (Permission scheme, workflow scheme,...). Jira admins can select which configuration items will be part of the template (eg. all except the name and the project key) and let the users insert the remaining configuration items on project creation.

How it works

A Jira project is a collection of configuration items. Known configuration items are the following:

Configuration Item Required
Project Key yes
Project Name yes
Project Leader yes
Notification Scheme no
Permission Scheme no
Issue Security Scheme no
Issue Type Scheme no
Field Layout Scheme no
Issue Type Screen Scheme no
Workflow Scheme no
Project Category no
Project Roles (-) no

(-) not implemented

Some of this configuration items can be common for more project. An project template is the collection of the common configuration item values that can be used to build new projects.

Project templates are defined as issues in special Jira projects. Issues will be the template 'instances' while the special project will be the template 'class'. For example, a project template class can set all the configuration items except the Project Name, Project Key and the Project Leader. For each template class a new special project will be defined. Project template instances, i.e. which Notification Scheme, Permission Scheme,... will be part of the template, are the issues in the special project.


Copy the file project-template-0.1.jar in the Jira WEB-INF/lib directory and restart Jira. Verify that the pluing have been successfully installed (a new plugin named "Project Template Manager" should appear in the plugin list).


As an example, let's configure a new project template class that sets all the configuration items except the project name, project key and the project leader.

Special Project

First of all we need a project for the project template issues. Create a new project called "Simple Project Template", with key SPT.

Issue type

Create a new issue type for the project template class (eg "Simple template").

Custom fields

The configuration items will be set as custom field in the Jira instance. You have to create a new custom field for each configuration item that you'll need to set in the template. Below you'll find the table of the custom field name and type you have to use.

Field name Field type Required
Project Key text field yes
Project Name text field yes
Leader User Picker yes
Notification Scheme ID text field no
Permission Scheme ID text field no
Issue Security Scheme ID text field no
Issue Type Scheme ID text field no
Field Layout Scheme ID text field no
Issue Type Screen Scheme ID text field no
Workflow Scheme ID text field no
Project Category ID text field no

(!) The plugin recognise the custom field by the name so please be use exactly the name in the table. (i) Only the field marked as 'required' are strictly mandatory. If, for example, the project template doesn't need the Project category nor it has to be specified in the project created on the template, you don't need to add the custom field "Project Category ID"


You'll need two screens, one for the configuration items of the template and one for the remaining configuration items (name, key and leader).

The first, called "Simple project template fields screen" is associated with the following fields:

  • Summary (will be the issue name, a.k.a. the project template name)
  • Notification Scheme ID
  • Permission Scheme ID
  • Issue Security Scheme ID
  • Field Layout Scheme ID
  • Issue Tyep Screen Scheme ID
  • Workflow Scheme ID
  • Project Category ID

The second, called "Non simple project template fields screen" is associated with the following fields:

  • Project Name
  • Project Key
  • Leader

Screen Scheme

Create a new Screen scheme (eg. "Projet template screen scheme") and associate all the operations to the template screen (eg. the "Simple project template fields screen").

Issue Type Screen Scheme

Create a new Issue type screen scheme (eg. "Project Tempate Issue type Screen scheme") and the issue type "Simple template" to the screen scheme "Projet template screen scheme".


Create a new workflow (eg. "Create project workflow" ), set one step "Open" (= status Open)  and create a new transition from Open to Open (eg. "Create project from template"). As transition view select the screen "Non simple project template fields screen". Add a new "Create Project By Template" postfunction in this transition.

Workflow Scheme

Create a new workflow scheme (eg. "Create project workflow scheme") and associate to the issue type "Simple template" to the new workflow.

Complete Project configuration

In the project "Simple Project Template" set the previously created

  • Workflow scheme ("Create project workflow scheme")
  • Issuetype screen scheme ("Project Tempate Issue type Screen scheme")

Create a new issue type scheme and select only the issue type "Simple template". Set a permission scheme/project role to limit the access to the project only to users that will have the right to create new projects.


Create a project template

To create a new project template simply create a new issue in the project "Simple Project Template" using the issue type "Simple template".

Set a template name in the "Summary" field and set the scheme IDs in the new custom fields.

To get a scheme ID simply browse the scheme in view mode and read the value the schemeId field in the URL. For example, to get the scheme ID of a Notification scheme, browse Administration -> Notification Schemes and click on a Notification scheme (column name). The URL of the page will be .../secure/admin/EditNotifications\!default.jspa?schemeId=10020. In this case the scheme ID will be 10020.

Create a new project using a template

To create a new project simply open a project template issue and click on the "Create project from template" and insert the variable configuration items (name, key, leader).

Next steps

  • Add support for Project roles
  • Create new Custom Field to graphically select the scheme code.
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