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The home of Development on Demand, the new model for nearshore software development. No overhead. No hidden fees. No do-overs. No surprises.

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  1. playfab-samples playfab-samples Public

    This repository contains complete working samples that demonstrate best-practice usage patterns for PlayFab features.

    C# 32 6

  2. codeverter codeverter Public

    Convert ts source files into multiple languages

    TypeScript 25

  3. protocol-bridge-claims-provider protocol-bridge-claims-provider Public

    An implementation of a bridge that talks WS-Federation and SAML tokens on one side and OpenID, OAuth or any other protocol on the identity provider side using Windows Identity Foundation. This code…

    C# 16

  4. blockchain-hyperledger-healthcare blockchain-hyperledger-healthcare Public

    Health-Care: A Secure Electronic Medical Record Scenario over Blockchain.

    Shell 10 8

  5. spark-streaming-live-video-ai spark-streaming-live-video-ai Public

    Learn how to leverage Spark Streaming with a compelling Live Video AI scenario from SOUTHWORKS R&D team.

    Python 7 9

  6. BotBuilder-Samples BotBuilder-Samples Public

    Forked from microsoft/BotBuilder-Samples

    Welcome to the BotBuilder samples repository. Here you will find task-focused samples in C# and Node.js to help you get started with the Bot Builder SDK!

    HTML 6 6


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