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tools for Sovrin steward
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lynnbendixsen Merge pull request #28 from ryanwest6/master
Various bugfixes and stability improvements
Latest commit c00ada6 May 20, 2019
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create_genesis Put trustee names into the domain ledger. Mar 11, 2019
fiat_reconciliation genesis txn return value bugfix May 9, 2019
installer Update versions after buildernet and stagingnet 1.1.41 upgrades May 13, 2019
local_ledger genesis txn return value bugfix May 9, 2019
log_aggregation Replace with sed of /etc/indy/indy.env Sep 25, 2018
pool_status Add 'reload' instruction to update info fetched without exiting Jan 22, 2019
test-user-enablement Updated `test-user-enablement` script to transfer tokens Apr 9, 2019
.gitignore remove .idea files Mar 20, 2019
LICENSE Initial commit Jul 13, 2017 Initial commit Jul 13, 2017 Fix bug when checking for required procs, and add support for ss Sep 11, 2018


tools for Sovrin steward

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