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NBug is a .NET library created to automate the bug reporting process. It automatically creates and sends:

  • Bug reports.
  • Crash reports with minidump.
  • Error/exception reports with stack trace + ext. info. It can also be set up as a user feedback system (i.e. feature requests).

Error reports can be sent to:

  • E-mail addresses.
  • HTTP(POST)/FTP servers.
  • Azure Blob storage.
  • Redmine/Mantis bug trackers.
  • Any custom destination via implementing the IProtocolFactory interface. See the source code for example implementations.


Read the quickstart here:

In a typical scenario all you need is to add the NuGet package (or compile and use the NBug.dll directly, which is always more up-to-date) and add following to your application's Program.cs file (assuming it is a console app):

// Uncomment the following after testing to see that NBug is working as configured
// NBug.Settings.ReleaseMode = true;

// NBug config
NBug.Settings.Destination1 = "Type=Mail;;;;";

// Attach exception handlers after all configuration is done
AppDomain.CurrentDomain.UnhandledException += NBug.Handler.UnhandledException;

After this, any unhandled exception will be formatted and sent to the configured e-mail address, after the app is restarted by the user.


You can post your question on StackOverflow with NBug tag:

Get it on NuGet

Install-Package NBug

Note: NuGet versions tends to be outdated so it is better to compile the project yourself to get the latest changes.

CodePlex Home

Old (up to v1.1.1 release) project source is hosted at CodePlex, where you can find more information about the project: