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[DEPRECATED] The cosmic Spacemesh App containing the Spacemesh Wallet and the Spacemesh Dashboard 🏦📊


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Spacemesh App 🏦📊

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This repo is depracted. The Spacemesh app is now developed here: smapp

The cosmic Spacemesh App containing the Spacemesh Wallet and the Spacemesh Dashboard. This app is based on the Spacemesh Cosmic Apps Seed.

Design Concept

App Architecture

We are using Cosmic as the seed for this app. Please read-up on Cosmic app architecture before doing design and coding work on the app.

Getting Started

  • Please head over to the wiki and read the product requirements and deisgn docs
  • Join our Dev Gitter Chat
  • We are actively looking for contributors, collaborators and maintainers. Get in touch via Gitter


  1. Clone the repo
git clone
  1. Follow these instructions for setting up a React Native project dev environment

Install project dependencies

yarn install

Development builds


yarn web


Remove all build directories (optional):

yarn clean-all

Generate android and ios builds:

yarn mobile

Serve App on Android Emulator:

yarn android

Serve App on iOS Simulator:

yarn ios

Start an Electron dev app session:

yarn electron-dev

Production builds


yarn mobile


yarn build


yarn dist

Bundling for Android

yarn bundle-android

Building for OS X, Windows and Linux

yarn electron-pack

Android Dev Notes

  1. Follow the React Native instructions for installing Android dev tools

  2. Make sure you have JAVA_HOME env var set to the Java 8 JDK as well as your ANDROID_HOME

e.g: export JAVA_HOME=<path-to-your-jdk>/<jdk>/Contents/Home
export ANDROID_HOME=<path-to-your-android-sdk>
export PATH=${PATH}:${ANDROID_HOME}/tools
export PATH=${PATH}:${ANDROID_HOME}/platform-tools
  1. Run the emulator with an Android 6 (with Google Play) device

  2. Update build-scripts/ with the right path to your android sdk. Detailed instructions.


This seed uses Jest for unit testing and calabash-android for android automation testing.

Running Calabash Android Tests

  1. Install ruby
  2. Run bundle install
  3. Run bundle exec calabash-android run /path/to/android/apk/file

Running unit tests

yarn test

Known issues

  1. The name react-native was looked up in the Haste module map. Remove the haste-map- files from your tmp file and rebuild. For Linux rm -rf /tmp/haste-map-* For OSX
yarn cache clean
watchman watch-del-all
rm -rf $TMPDIR/metro-bundler-cache-*
rm -rf $TMPDIR/metro-cache-*
rm -rf $TMPDIR/react-native-packager-cache-*
rm -rf $TMPDIR/haste-map-metro-*


[DEPRECATED] The cosmic Spacemesh App containing the Spacemesh Wallet and the Spacemesh Dashboard 🏦📊




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