Very alpha and experimental nREPL bridge for Arcadia Unity
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This is an nREPL bridge for Arcadia Unity. It spins up a standard nREPL server and it redirects eval operations to the Arcadia UDP REPL. This will allow to use existing tooling and editor integrations without the need to port nREPL and other middlewares/libraries to ClojureCLR.

At the moment though, it's just a very dirty hack to make vim-fireplace work with Arcadia :)

How to use

  • Download the jar from releases
  • Create an .nrepl-port file in your project
  • Execute the jar with java -jar
echo 7888 > .nrepl-port
java -jar arcadia.nrepl-0.1.0-SNAPSHOT-standalone.jar


You need to use this fork until the patches are merged. They shouldn't interfere with regular Clojure/ClojureScript work.

Other editors

I did some limited testing on other editors like Emacs and Atom+ProtoREPl and at least basic eval operations seem to work correctly.


  • Autocomplete doesn't work due to the size limits of UDP packets.
  • It's just nREPL, no CIDER yet.
  • Emacs REPL buffer doesn't print the prompt for some reason, but it works.