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Sparkbox Design Systems Survey Microsite 2019


  1. Before running the project setup node/npm (Installation instructions).

  2. Install the (Gatsby CLI) globally npm install -g gatsby-cli

  3. Run npm install to install all packages and dependencies

  4. Run npm start. This will start a hot-reloading development environment at localhost:8000.

Run 2018 site locally

  1. Run npm run build2018. This will:

    1. Remove any current 2018 folder in the static directory
    2. Go into /2018
    3. Install dependencies
    4. Build the 2018 survey site
    5. Copy that build into static directory
  2. Run npm run build. This will:

    1. Build the 2019-21 site in the root
    2. Build the 2018 site at /2018 from the static folder
  3. Run a local server.

    1. Install npm http-server npm i -g http-server
    2. Start the server from the public folder (this is the compiled site that will be live) http-server ./public
  4. You can find the 2019 site at the root localhost:8080 and the 2018 site at localhost:8080/2018


The site will be powered by Gatsby and will be organized by:

Editing Content in GitHub

  1. Go to src > components.
  2. Click on the file you want to update.
  3. Choose the edit this file option in the toolbar and update the content.
  4. When your updates are complete, create a descriptive commit about your updates that follows the (Sparkbox Standard on commit messages).
  5. Create a new branch and open up a pull request for your changes, then send the PR to a teammate for review.