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2 parents f50cf7a + 56b6dd7 commit 8dc1c9a3aa4eff2f67761fba2528b15f560fbbbc Paul Ring committed Sep 30, 2010
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@@ -329,6 +329,28 @@
Moved input_buffer into within the append function. Attempting to shave bytes of RAM.
+ v2.21 ringp fork brought in. Wildcard remove and list commands now work. Remove directory now works! Change directory up/down the tree works again.
+ 28440 bytes used of 30720.
+ ringp brought back many great commands! Thanks ringp!
+ rm LOG*.* works
+ ls *.TXT works
+ cd .. works again
+ ls now correctly shows directories first and files following the directories.
+ To remove a directory, you have to navigate into that directory. For example:
+ >cd TEMP (you are now in TEMP directory)
+ >rm -f TEMP (you are now removing TEMP, and you will be pushed back down one level of the tree)
+ >ls (shows files and directories where TEMP directory used to be, but TEMP directory should be gone)
+ ringp added new commands:
+ efcount: gives the number of files in the current directory. Example: "efcount" returns "count|3". There are 3 files in the current directory.
+ efinfo <spot>: gives info about the file in <spot>. Example: "efinfo 2" reports "LOG00588.TXT|45". File number 2 is named LOG00588.TXT and is 45 bytes in size.
+ verbose <"on"|"off">: sets whether command errors are verbose (long winded) or just the "!" character. Example: "verbose off" sets verbose off. Then if a
+ command like "blah" is received, then only "!>" is seen from the command line interface. This makes it easier for embedded systems to recognize there
+ was an error. This setting is not recorded to EEPROM.
#include "SdFat.h"
@@ -1488,7 +1510,7 @@ void read_system_settings(void)
void print_menu(void)
- PgmPrintln("OpenLog v2.2");
+ PgmPrintln("OpenLog v2.21");
PgmPrintln("Available commands:");
PgmPrintln("new <file>\t\t: Creates <file>");
PgmPrintln("append <file>\t\t: Appends text to end of <file>. The text is read from the UART in a stream and is not echoed. Finish by sending Ctrl+z (ASCII 26)");
@@ -19,4 +19,5 @@ v1.6 Added ability to configure via config.txt file.
v2.0 Massive overhaul. Ported to sdfatlib. Now supports FAT16/FAT32/SD/SDHC.
v2.1 Power save not working. Fixed issue 35. Dropping characters at 57600bps.
v2.11 Tested with 16GB microSD. Fixed issues 30 & 34. Re-enable power save.
+v2.2 Modified append_file() to use a single buffer. Increased HardwareSerial.cpp buffer to 512 bytes.
+v2.21 ringp fork brought in. rm dir, cd .., and wildcards now work!

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