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SpatialOS Unreal SDK

SpatialOS Unreal SDK

Use the SpatialOS Unreal SDK to create games with persistent online worlds. Together with the SpatialOS spatial CLI, the SpatialOS Unreal SDK allows you to use Unreal to create games for the SpatialOS platform. In addition to the SpatialOS Unreal SDK documentation in this repository, you can find out more about SpatialOS at


Software: To use the SpatialOS Unreal SDK, you need the following software:

  • The SpatialOS Unreal SDK
  • Unreal Engine 4 built from source
  • The spatial CLI for SpatialOS

See System requirements: software for details and Manual setup guide for Windows for installation guidance.

Operating system: System requirements: Operating systems

Hardware: System requirements: Hardware

Network settings: System requirements: Network settings

Installing and upgrading

New install: If you are installing SpatialOS and the SpatialOS Unreal SDK for the first time, see: Introduction to the Unreal SDK.

Upgrade and migration: If you have a version of SpatialOS which is earlier than 13.0, you have a combined SpatialOS and Unreal SDK bundle. To get the separated version, see Upgrading to SpatialOS 13.0 and migrating to the Unreal SDK 1.0.0.


Unreal SDK documentation: This repository in GitHub

SpatialOS documentation:


Visit: Join us at for technical questions and issues.