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Dynamic Selectors

Selectors with parameters and dynamic dependencies.

See Selector Comparison for a walkthrough.

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Core functionality for dynamic selectors, independent of any other library.
This is the main package.


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Call Reselect selectors from within dynamic selectors, and use dynamic selectors as dependencies for Reselect selectors.

What is this?

Selectors are memoized functions that transform data -- like computing a derived value from state -- which only re-run when their dependencies change. Reselect is a popular selector library: Redux's Deriving Data with Selectors doc is a good introduction to them.

Dynamic selectors are built like plain functions. There is no up-front registration to connect selectors together, you can pass arguments to them, and they can call each other just like regular functions.

This may be used with a state library like Redux, or on its own as a general memoization util.


Pass arguments to selector functions
Results are memoized by the params you pass to a selector, so selectBooks({ authorId: 3 }) and selectBooks({ authorId: 4 }) will work properly and be cached independently.
Call selectors from within selectors
A selector can call other selectors from if blocks, loops, or any other controls -- or even recursively.
Auto-detected dependencies
When a selector runs, any secondary selectors it calls get marked as dependencies. It won't re-run unless those dependencies return something new. The dependencies can change from one run to the next.
Equality comparisons / caching strategy
Like the useSelector hook, you can specify your own comparison function to 'freeze' updates. This may be customized for each selector.

Comparison between Reselect and Dyanamic Selectors