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Jabber Registration Tool

The Jabber Registration Tool (JRT) is a PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) script that allows registration of Jabber I.D.'s (JID's) on a Jabber server via the web. It is distributed under the GNU General Public License (GPL). Jabber Registration Tool's (JRT) original author is Rene S. C. Bartosh (

Since this project is not maintained anymore by its original author, I decided to continue with it and provide some minor changes.

Original Source Code can be found here

The problem to be solved:

Xmpp servers are commonly used along with DNS SRV records in order clients to discover services, hostnames etc. The problem I was facing was that if an xmpp server serves, multiple virtual hosts, with vhost names in form of **** (*in order to provide jids like*) and a hostname different than (in ex. ****) some xmpp/jabber clients can **not** use their [in-band registration (XEP-0077)]( feature because they're trying to resolve **IN A** instead of **IN SRV** to get the real address of the server.

(Of course this is a misimplementation of the protocol, but most admins need a fast and user-friendly workaround until the bugs are fixed)

What's changed:

  • I've added to register.php dns_get_record() command to resolve user's xmpp server and set the actual hostname of the server to var $hostname, which is also added by me, in order OpenSocket method to correctly connect to the appropriate hostname.
  • Captcha added (secureimage php library)

Contact details:

* jid & email: specktator //\\at\\// * Website: [](


Jabber Registration Tool




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