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Serverless Function to Count How Many People are Subscribed to You in Your Favorite Services

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🚩 API endpoint · 🚦 Status monitor · 📖 Documentation

Table of contents

Why I did this?

I initially wanted to combine the subscriber numbers of Feedly and Inoreader — two of the most popular RSS providers, to calculate how many people are subscribed to my blog's RSS. Then it occured to me: I could actually make this into a "Hub", where you can provide a service name, a query key, and out comes the total subscribers of all your services...Hence, I proudly introduce: Substats!


  • 🧊 Serverless deployment, minimum overhead (powered by Cloudflare)
  • 🚀 Ultra-fast reachablility for all services (even in mainland China!)
  • 🎈 Simple integration, easy-to-use API with nice badges provided by

Further reading


📖 For a detailed documentation on the query format, please see: Docs | Substats Query format.

API endpoint

🚦 Only 'GET' requests are handled in order to integrate with badges.

Single query

You can make a single query to request your RSS subscribers on Feedly. (Inoreader support is coming!)

GET /?source=feedly&queryKey=

Which returns:

{ "status": 200, "data": { "totalSubs": 13, "subsInEachSource": { "feedly": 13 }, "failedSources": {} } }

You can then use the numbers in data.totalSubs in a dynamic badge:

Multiple sources with a single query string

GET /?source=feedly|inoreader|newsblur&queryKey=

Which returns:

  "status": 200,
  "data": {
    "totalSubs": 49,
    "subsInEachSource": {
      "feedly": 17,
      "inoreader": 29,
      "newsblur": 3
    "failedSources": {}

Enter the badge! (NewsBlur is too slow to load, below is a static badge for demo purposes.)

Multiple queries

GET /?source=telegram&queryKey=realSpencerWoo&source=sspai&queryKey=spencerwoo&source=twitter&queryKey=realSpencerWoo

Which returns:

  "status": 200,
  "data": {
    "totalSubs": 1552,
    "subsInEachSource": {
      "telegram": 786,
      "sspai": 638,
      "twitter": 128
    "failedSources": {}

And of course, our badges!

Supported services

📖 For a detailed documentation on the API request rules of each service, please see: Docs | Substats API Details.

afdian bilibili coolapk feedly github inoreader instagram medium neteaseMusic newsblur reddit sspai steam telegram twitter unsplash weibo zhihu



This is a serverless function deployed on Cloudflare Workers. Please check: Docs | How to contribute if you want to contribute.


This project exists thanks to all the people who contribute.


Thank you for considering donations and sponoring our project. We currently support sponsoring via Open Collective.

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All APIs used in this project are by no means in any relationship with the original content provider. APIs are subject to change. Your mileage may vary, so use this at your own risk.

📈📉 Substats ©Spencer Woo. Released under the MIT License.

Authored and maintained by Spencer Woo.

@Portfolio · @Blog · @GitHub

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