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( `д′) how many followers do i have? how many!

Cloudflare Workers Version 2.0/substats Vercel

Get started

sub · stats /səb ˈ stats/

  • a serverless api for getting the number of followers of you in your favourite services

*Version 2.0 is still in beta, not all features are ported from 1.0. Check below for details 👇


You request:

GET /stats/:source/:key

I respond:

  source: string,
  key: string,
  failed: true | false,
  count: number | string  // Most often it's a number when source !== 'common'

Yep, it's that simple now. ;)

*Note that key needs to be url encoded, remember this if you are requesting the feedly, inoreader, or feedspub routes.

Building badges 🎫

Of course! And as a matter of fact, substats works quite well with's /dynamic route. All these badges below are dynamically generated with substat's data:

GitHub Telegram 微博 少数派 爱发电 即刻 Steam 知乎 哔哩哔哩

You can easily create your own badge with our badge builder at

Badge builder screenshot

Advanced - the /common route 🍀

What if the source you are trying to use is not supported yet, but it's just a simple GET request? In this case, you can use the route:

GET /stats/common?endpoint=<url>&datapath=<path>

Such as:

GET /stats/common/?endpoint=

In this case, the endpoint is an API url:

The response this URL returns looks like:

  "name": "Cecilia Garden",
  "type": "Forgery",
  // ...
  "rewards": [
      "details": [
        { /* ... */ },
        { /* ... */ },
          "mora": 1125,

Hence, we provide the datapath as rewards.0.details.2.mora. (I specifically chose this data as it contains an array to demonstrate how to reference the value mora inside the array by index.)

Response from the endpoint provided by you is parsed with object-path, and the method for constructing a reference datapath to your value in the response is the same.

Try our /common route API URL builder here:

Common route screenshot

Supported sources

  • afdian
  • bilibili
  • coolapk
  • feedly
  • feedspub
  • github
  • inoreader
  • instagram
  • jike
  • medium
  • neteasemusic
  • reddit
  • sspai
  • steamgames
  • steamfriends
  • telegram
  • twitter
  • unsplash
  • weibo
  • wikipediazh
  • zhihu

logo_afdian logo_bilibili logo_coolapk logo_feedly logo_feedspub logo_github logo_inoreader logo_ins logo_jike logo_medium logo_neteasemusic logo_reddit logo_sspai logo_steam logo_tg logo_twitter logo_unsplash logo_weibo logo_wikipedia logo_zhihu

What's new?

Yes, substats is now version v2.0-beta! Most of the updates are under-the-hood apart from API formats.

  • Refactored in TypeScript.
  • Updated to CloudFlare's module workers.
  • Worker is built with esbuild instead of webpack, extra fast!
  • Support for Newsblur has been deprecated (seems nobody uses it).
  • KV storages are now supported, some routes including instagram and inoreader depends on this for storing cookies (wip).
  • Caching is ported to module workers in 2.0 and supported as always.
  • New documentation and query builder.

If you are looking for the multiple source and query functions in 2.0 - it's still under refactor, as itty-router does not parse multiple query parameters, blocking this feature here. You can still use the 1.0 route while we wait. README and documentation for v1.0 (deprecated).


This is a monorepo managed by pnpm. Directory ./worker holds the Cloudflare Worker module, and ./docs is a React site for documentation (powered by Vite and Chakra UI). Check the for both packages for details.


Open-source is hard! If you happen to like this project and want me to keep going, please consider sponsoring me or providing a single donation! Thanks for all the love and support!

🧸 Please donate - 微信/支付宝 · Patreon · 爱发电



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