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Android based RTSP Server which is able to serve live camera view to multiple RTSP clients, such as VLC.
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Latest commit 9608127 May 8, 2012 Peter Arwanitis + Stefan Krusche committed with * Added Android NDK/JNI subproject based on AOSP - PV OpenCORE
h264 and h263 de-/encoder
* changed H264 RTP/UDP streaming to in-band parameter sending of SPS/PPS
NAL units before each NAL IDR unit (keyframe)
* fixed workflow of Orange Labs provided JNI wrappers to support in-band
* fixed bug in Android OpenCORE sources, calling
avcHandle->CBAVC_FrameUnbind() additional in PVAVCDecReset()
* this checkin contains the debug code versions of native H264
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