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Spin RDF

Welcome to SpinRDF, an implement of the SPIN API for Apache Jena.

For more information on SPIN, please see http://spinrdf.org/.

The project welcomes contributions, large and small, from anyone.

For contribution, please see "Guide to Contributing.

The project is licensed with the Apache License.

Original code

This git repository started with original material taken from the following publicly available files:

http://topquadrant.com/repository/spin/org/topbraid/spin/2.0.0/spin-2.0.0-distribution.zip http://topquadrant.com/repository/spin/org/topbraid/spin/2.0.0/spin-2.0.0/pom

Downloaded December 11th, 2016.

with the following changes made by TopQuadrant Inc:

  • Add license headers to all files.
  • Repackage under org.spinrdf
  • Organise into a maven project.

These original materials are copyright TopQuadrant Inc and licensed with the Apache Software License.