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Training journal

This is my calisthenics and crossfit journal. Here are all my movements, reps, sets and my weight. And even some notes, personal records and injuries.

I always do 10-15 minutes full joints warmup before every training, so I avoid it in my journal. Just keep it in mind. And I also do additional warmup before any inversions (like handstand pushups) to avoid blood pressure issues: pike headstands, pike pushups, wrist warmup, headstands, handstands.


It's easy to read:

  • Exercise: sets x reps, sets x reps, ...
  • Pistol squats: 3x5

When I occasionally use weights and do several sets, I write them like this:

  • Exercise: weight kg (sets x reps, ...), ...
  • Squats: 60kg 2x5, 80kg 4x10, 100kg 3x5

If there are several exercies in one row that means I perform them with no rest in between, like superset. For example:

  • Thrusters 40kg + Pullups: 5x(7+7)
  • Wide+Regular+Diamond pushups: 2x(10+10+10)

For unilateral exercises (for instance, pistol squats) reps count means reps for each side (each leg in case of pistols). In my opinion presenting reps for unilateral exercises as a sum of both sides is just stupid.

For exercies with dumbbells I write a weight of each dumbbell. This is an example of a 50kg dumbbell in each hand (100kg in total):

  • Dumbbell shrugs: 30kg 10, 42kg 12, 50kg (10, 8, 10)

And yes, HSPU and HSPU wall stand for handstand pushups, free balanced and in front of a wall accordingly.