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Pion Network Library (Boost licensed open source)
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Pion Network Library

C++ framework for building lightweight HTTP interfaces

Build Status

Project Home:

Retrieving the code

git clone
cd pion

Building the code

For XCode: use pion.xcodeproj

For Visual Studio: use pion.sln

On Unix platforms (including Linux, OSX, etc.) you can run


to generate Makefiles using GNU autotools, followed by


to build everything except the unit tests.

You can build and run all the unit tests with

make check

Generate build using CMake

CMake is cross-platform build generator. Pion required cmake version 2.8.10+

To generate build call

cmake <path to pion clone> [-G <generator name>] [-D<option>...]

for example to generate MSVS2012 Win64 solution run

git clone
cd pion/build
cmake .. -G"Visual Studio 11 Win64"

this will create pion_solution.sln for MSVS2012/Win64

if cmake can't find dependency, use -D to control Find modules search behaviour

-DBOOST_ROOT=<path to installed boost libraries>
-DZLIB_ROOT=<path to installed zlib>

Third Party Libraries

Pion requires the Boost C++ libraries version 1.35 or greater. Please see the README.boost file within the doc subdirectory for instructions on how to download, build and install Boost.

For logging, Pion may be configured to:

  • use std::cout and std::cerr for logging (the default configuration)

  • use one of the following open source libraries:

  • disable logging entirely (run configure --disable-logging)

Detailed build instructions are available for all of the platforms supported by Pion within the doc subdirectory (README.platform).


Copyright © 2007-2016 Splunk Inc.

The Pion Network Library is published under the Boost Software License. See COPYING for licensing information.

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