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Splynx site documentation

In this repository store documentation files for Splynx site. After pushing to this repository, documentation in Splynx site will be automatically updated.

Files format description


Languages files should be placed in self directories.

Language files example

Page title

Each page should be begin from the page title.

Page Title

This title will be show in the header of the documentation panel.

Page title example


![Image alt](

Image with size

For set image size you can use url parameters.

![Image alt](

This code will be converted to:

<img src="" alt="Image alt" width="200" height="100">

Image src

For images src you can use absolute url or relative path.

Absolute url:

Relative path (recommended):



<icon class="image-icon">![Image alt](image.png)</icon>


You can use:

  • Absolute links. This links will be open in new tab.
  • Relative links to other docs pages.
  • Javascript functions
// Switch Splynx page
[Open config](javascript:switch_page('/admin/config'))

// Open dialog
[Add location](javascript:open_dialog_new('administration/locations--add'))

// Open help dialog
[Please help me](javascript:open_help_dialog(''))

Youtube video

<iframe frameborder=0 height=270 width=350 allowfullscreen src="">Video on youtube</iframe>
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