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VexTab - Guitar Tablature on the web

VexChords - Javascript Guitar Chord Charts

MOBOT - Rust Telegram Client

MOBOT is a Telegram chat framework written in Rust. It comes with a fully native implementation of the
Telegram Bot API.

See demo:

Pitchy Ninja - Web-based vocal and ear trainer

Microstellar - Go client for the Stellar Blockchain

VexFlow - Javascript Music Notation for the Web

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Featured work

  1. 0xfe/vexflow

    A JavaScript library for rendering music notation and guitar tablature.

    TypeScript 3,634
  2. 0xfe/vexchords

    JavaScript Chord Charts

    JavaScript 808
  3. 0xfe/vextab

    A VexTab Parser for VexFlow

    JavaScript 555
  4. 0xfe/microstellar

    An easy-to-use Go Library for the Stellar payment network

    Go 38
  5. 0xfe/cryptopals

    Cryptopals Cryptography Challenge Solutions in Go (Sets 1 - 6)

    Go 18
  6. 0xfe/mobot

    mobot: A Telegram Bot Library in Rust

    Rust 42

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