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Ken Eucker

Gerlach, Nevada, USA

I am a full stack web developer, classically trained in object-oriented programming, who likes to write universal javascript, with extensive experience building the backend of web-connected properties. I have lived in Oregon, USA my whole life and I love the Pacific Northwest.

I began writing code at the age of 14, making scripts for IRC and playing around with HTML. In high school, my code writing took a journey from BASIC to Pascal to C and finally C++. While my college career was focused heavily on the Microsoft stack, I also learned how to program microcontrollers, Xbox games, and got my first introduction to the web of client-server with PHP. I chose a career in Software Engineering because I recognized that designing and writing applications was something I had enough passion to carry forward into the later part of my life with infinite passion. I am a maker, a tinkerer, a person who likes to see how things are designed and marvel at just how much machines can accomplish with such elegant engineering. You can read more about my career on my website

I'm currently hacking away on several things, but BikeTag and seXpress are the two big things I'm into right now.

BikeTag is a photo tag game, using bicycles, where you "tag" interesting places in your city with a photo of your bicycle. BikeTag.Org is a web app that I created with a non-developer friend back in 2018 and has grown from supporting the BikeTag game in Portland, Oregon, to include eight other cities from all over the world including Vienna, Austria.

Imgur In 2021, I became the author and maintainer of the npm project imgur, a project I had been contributing to for several years when the original author passed the project on for continued active development. I have since released imgur@2.0.0 which is a newly isomorphic library written in TypeScript. I am happy to be part of such a project and I look forward to contributing to Free and Open-Source Software any moment I can.

I'm not looking for sponsorship to drive my development projects, as my passion for that is self-sustaining, but for server costs and for spreading the love (paying other devs to help on projects). It would also be cool if it paid for my internet connection or something like that. I dream of one day being able to just code for fun and somehow keep a roof over my head while allowing me to explore the other passions I have in life. In addition to my love for designing applications, I also like to; write poetry, ride my bicycle, hike to hot springs, backpack through forests, take candid photographs, and talk about the intersection of technology and psychology.



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Featured work

  1. KenEucker/imgur

    The Unofficial Imgur Javascript library

    Shell 29
  2. KenEucker/biketag-api

    The javascript client for interacting with BikeTag games.

    TypeScript 10
  3. KenEucker/biketag-website

    A website for

    JavaScript 32
  4. KenEucker/seXpress

    A configurable framework built around express for multitenant web applications

    JavaScript 2

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