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Max Lee



I am a 27 year old software developer from Germany.

I am creating lots of different open source stuff out of pizza and beer! Mostly in Java and for Minecraft but I have some other random projects as well, just check out my repos! :)

Most of the projects are done for my own (completely free) survival Minecraft server (Lots of its code can be found here and is open source too!) I have also written a good amount of Minecraft related libraries like InventoryGui and MineDown and am currently also maintaining ChestShop 3 and TravelPortals. And I contributed to Bukkit, Spigot and Paper too! (See my own Paper fork Origami for even more experimental patches!)

I also stream on, normally it's gaming but you might catch me coding on Minecraft stuff as well! I usually just stream in my native language German but I have spoken English for more than half of my live so just ask and hang out!

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