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Hi! I'm @azu.

I've worked on Open Source since 2010.
I've created 500+ npm pacakges and These are 10 million downloads a year.

I've created and now maintain several open-source libraries:

  • textlint is a linter for natural languages (2,000+:star:, 30,000+ month downloads)
  • Secretlint improves security ecosystem of project
  • HonKit build books using Markdown (1,000+ ⭐)
  • Almin (400+:star:)
  • rc-config-loader (200,000+ month downloads)
  • etc...

Also, I the main writer of some blogs about JavaScript and ECMAScript.

I've written JavaScript books as Open Source.

Your sponsorship helps me continue to contribute.
It helps offset the costs of getting to pay for hosting.
I also use it for learning new technology associated with my projects.

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Thank you for your support!

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I can more work on open source if I had 200 sponsors 💖

Current sponsors 108

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Past sponsors 117

Featured work

  1. textlint/textlint

    The pluggable natural language linter for text and markdown.

    TypeScript 2,791
  2. secretlint/secretlint

    Pluggable linting tool to prevent committing credential.

    TypeScript 725
  3. honkit/honkit

    📖 HonKit is building beautiful books using Markdown - Fork of GitBook

    TypeScript 2,962
  4. asciidwango/js-primer

    📖 JavaScript Primer - 迷わないための入門書

    JavaScript 2,329
  5. azu/promises-book

    JavaScript Promiseの本

    HTML 1,368
  6. azu/large-scale-javascript


    JavaScript 320

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I like coffee.
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I have several domain names like,,, and
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I'll read new technology books every month.
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✍️ I'm also a writer

I'll write technology books like and promise books.
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