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Author of The Art of PostgreSQL, PostgreSQL Major Contributor (pgloader, pg_auto_failover) ; Emacs el-get author.

Featured work

  1. dimitri/pgloader

    Migrate to PostgreSQL in a single command!

    Common Lisp 4,100
  2. dimitri/el-get

    Manage the external elisp bits and pieces upon which you depend!

    Emacs Lisp 1,598
  3. dimitri/pgcharts

    Turn your PostgreSQL queries into Charts

    Common Lisp 372
  4. dimitri/switch-window

    Offer a *visual* way to choose a window to switch to

    Emacs Lisp 274
  5. dimitri/regresql

    Regression Testing your SQL queries

  6. dimitri/emacs-kicker

    A minimal kick start init file for emacs

    Emacs Lisp 142

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Partner ; helps me reproduce more intricate bugs and spend quality time to architect a good solution for the problem at hand that you have.

$250 a month


Patron ; allows me to spend time and other resources (VM setup, specific container, access to your environment and deploy a fix there, etc).