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Greg Hendershott

Boston, USA

For most of the last decade I have created and maintained a number of

primarily for Racket and Emacs.

To the extent my work provides financial value to you or your organization, I welcome your recognition and support -- whether ongoing here or one-time.

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You use my work as an individual. You would like to show me some recognition and support. ❤️

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You use my work in your small organization. Maybe you don't yet have much funding or revenue, but you pay some bills. You would like to pay me roughly what you pay Amazon Web Services. 😉

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You use my work in your medium size organization. You would like to pay me approximately what you spend on pencils. ✏️

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You use my work in your FAANG or other large organization. You pay less income tax than do people below the poverty line. You would like to pay me a rounding error. 🎩

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