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For most of the last decade I have created and maintained a number of

primarily for Racket and Emacs.

To the extent my work provides financial value to you or your organization, I welcome your recognition and support -- whether ongoing here or one-time.

14 sponsors are funding greghendershott’s work.


Featured work

  1. greghendershott/racket-mode

    Emacs major and minor modes for Racket: edit, REPL, check-syntax, debug, profile, and more.

    Emacs Lisp 627
  2. greghendershott/fear-of-macros

    A practical guide to Racket macros

    Racket 239
  3. greghendershott/markdown

    Markdown parser written in Racket.

    Racket 103
  4. greghendershott/aws

    Racket support for Amazon Web Services.

    Racket 77
  5. greghendershott/travis-racket

    Use Travis CI with Racket

    Shell 41
  6. greghendershott/http

    Racket support for HTTP 1.1.

    Racket 26

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You use my work in your FAANG or other large organization. You pay less income tax than do people below the poverty line. You would like to pay me a rounding error. 🎩