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What we do

Hikaya, which means story in Arabic works with nonprofits to introduce a set of integrated tools that re-engineer how data are used within these organizations. By building open source solutions on common data standards, we help nonprofits worldwide improve their delivery of goods and services to those most in need while making reporting to funders more transparent.

Who we are

We are a team of data scientists, designers, humanitarians, and software engineers who have lived and worked in some of the most challenging parts of the world. We obsess about the way we work and are inspired by the values of companies like Basecamp, Buffer, and GitLab. We believe in cultivating a culture of curiosity and innovation, and ownership that allows our team to work across a modern tech stack.

Why sponsor

By sponsoring us, you'll help us in our mission to continue building re-useable tools for the nonprofit community—helping to reach small organizations who are under-resourced but eager to leverage technology to make a difference in the world. We'll be using 💯% of funds to help us add enhancements and fix bugs in our products.

Open source contributions

We are also looking for developers who want to contribute to our projects, especially Activity. Feel free to checkout our page on how to contribute or reach out by creating an issue and we'll help you get setup!

What we're working on

Activity is a tool that makes it easier for nonprofits to manage their project activities and KPI results. Activity is based on an open source project started at Mercy Corps in 2014. Activity is hosted and maintained by Hikaya and can be used any nonprofit:

Dots is a lightweight modern visualization and reporting tool to help nonprofits connect their data from multiple sources to visualize and make results reporting easier.

We’re architecting a common data pipeline for nonprofits to manage their unstructured datasets by importing from third-party data collection tools while hosting a series of pre-built connectors that let organizations seamlessly integrate their ERP systems.

Built using open source tools like Apache Airflow and Apache Superset, we're helping nonprofits implement end-to-end data integration and business intelligence solutions.

Indicator Library
The Indicator library is a catalog of more than 2,500 standard KPIs used by donors and foundations in international development and humanitarian sector to track their impact. This application provides these KPIs in a machine-readable format along with guidance on how to measure them so nonprofits can re-use them in their project planning. The tool is built using Python/Django and has a REST API that allows it to flexibly connect to any system.

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Meet the team

Featured work

  1. hikaya-io/activity

    Making it easier for nonprofits to manage their project activities and indicators. Interested in contributing? Check out our open issues:

    JavaScript 66
  2. hikaya-io/indicator-library

    A catalog of more than 2,500 machine-readable, standard KPIs used by nonprofits to measure their impact and report to their funders

    JavaScript 5

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