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I’ve been an active member of the Python community for almost a decade with non-trivial contributions to effectively hundreds of critical Python projects. So at this point it’s very unlikely that if you ever used Python, you didn’t run code written by me.

Additionally I spend a lot time on tweeting, writing, publicly learning, speaking, and mentoring about Python and how it fits into the greater production/service landscape.

Why I’m Worth Sponsoring

My most used project remains attrs which is the direct ancestor of Python 3.7’s dataclasses (that I helped to design too). Those two projects have changed the lives of many developers by lowering the bar to use proper classes, properly typed. Nowadays it’s widely used by projects like pytest or aiohttp and throughout all major tech companies that run Python.

My most original creation is structlog that allows for both easier and more powerful logging in Python. It has inspired a wide range of similar projects across language and runtime boundaries.

In 2014 (prompted by the Heartbleed vulnerability in OpenSSL), I was one of the main drivers for the modernization of Python’s SSL/TLS stack. I’ve spread information in blog posts, talks, and tutorials. But I was also crucial to the overhaul of Twisted’s TLS support, helped starting PyCA’s cryptography project, implemented service identity verification for cryptography and pyOpenSSL when OpenSSL hadn’t builtin verification, and ultimately went on to maintain pyOpenSSL for some years, transforming it into a modern, easy-to-contribute project.

When the password hashing competition selected Argon2 as their winner, I’ve both explained its merits in a blog post and implemented CFFI bindings (argon2-cffi) for it that I still maintain and that are used by projects like Django, passlib, devpi, or Jupyter Notebook.

Before I accumulated so many projects of my own (the list above is just a fraction), I was also an active CPython core developer. While I contribute only rarely nowadays due to my own projects, I remain involved in discussions and provide advice and help regularly.

What Your Money Will Achieve

My main goal is being able to justify to spend more time on my open source projects.

Barring an unexpected avalanche of money, I do not plan on quitting my job. But a perceivable side-income fueled by gratitude helps to motivate to spend a Saturday morning on other people’s problems.

I cannot and will not make any promises about prioritization of tickets or acceptance of pull requests. Due to German VAT laws, I can't make any promises about any rewards whatsoever. Please only sponsor me, if you want to support me writing the best possible software. If you want me to perform custom work for you, please contact me directly.

Feel free to only sponsor me for short time, I’m grateful even if you choose to support for only one month.

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42 is the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything. But what is the question? Maybe “How many sponsors should a prolific open source maintainer and contributor have?” Let’s find out together!


Featured work

  1. python-attrs/attrs

    Python Classes Without Boilerplate

    Python 4,389
  2. hynek/structlog

    Structured Logging for Python

    Python 2,115
  3. hynek/doc2dash

    Create docsets for API browser.

    Python 412
  4. hynek/argon2-cffi

    Secure Password Hashes for Python

    Python 353
  5. hynek/environ-config

    Python Application Configuration With Environment Variables

    Python 306
  6. hynek/pem

    Easy PEM file parsing in Python.

    Python 135

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