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Hello there,
I'm a university student working on Open Source projects that further freedom and privacy and allow people to use the fruits of technology with sovereignty, that means: transparently, securely, privately and independently from large corporations.. Currently, my main work is on floccus, a browser extension for syncing bookmarks, and the nextcloud bookmarks app, which allows you to collect, organize and share your favorite places on the web.
This is my small contribution to a world where people are not dependent on big corporations to live a life eased by technology.
If you would like to contribute to that, I would be honored.
Thank you 💙

12 sponsors are funding marcelklehr’s work.


Featured work

  1. nextcloud/bookmarks

    🔖 Bookmark app for Nextcloud

    PHP 687
  2. floccusaddon/floccus

    ☁️ Sync your bookmarks privately across browsers

    JavaScript 2,705
  3. marcelklehr/smokesignal

    Build your own small (or larger) peer to peer network with node.js

    JavaScript 134
  4. gulf/gulf

    Share and edit documents in real-time: transport-agnostic operational transformation control layer

    JavaScript 114
  5. marcelklehr/changesets

    Changeset library with operational transformation -- for node and the browser!

    JavaScript 275

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