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Hi, I'm @metalefty, a developer in Kyushu, Japan. I'm also known as meta in short and Koichiro Iwao in legal.

The biggest parts of my OSS life are FreeBSD, xrdp, and sometimes Ruby. I'm a member of FreeBSD developers and also a member of xrdp core developers.

In the FreeBSD project, I'm working as a ports developer. FreeBSD ports offers a simple way to install third-party applications. I maintain third-party applications to keep up to date in FreeBSD. Sometimes some applications are not developed FreeBSD-oriented and some hacks might be to run them on FreeBSD. As far as possible, I send such patches. Also I review outside-contributors' patch to ports tree and give feedback to the submitter and commit it.

In the xrdp project, I'm working on release management, issue triage, code and bug fixes.

I also contributed the following OSS products as an outside contributor.

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Featured work

  1. neutrinolabs/xrdp

    xrdp: an open source RDP server

  2. freebsd/freebsd-ports

    FreeBSD ports tree (read-only mirror)

  3. SoftEtherVPN/SoftEtherVPN

    Cross-platform multi-protocol VPN software. Pull requests are welcome. The stable version is available at

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