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This is the FreeBSD Ports Collection.  For an easy to use
WEB-based interface to it, please see:

For general information on the Ports Collection, please see the
FreeBSD Handbook ports section which is available from:
		for the latest official version
	The ports(7) manual page (man ports).

These will explain how to use ports and packages.

If you would like to search for a port, you can do so easily by
saying (in /usr/ports):

	make search name="<name>"
	make search key="<keyword>"

which will generate a list of all ports matching <name> or <keyword>.
make search also supports wildcards, such as:

	make search name="gtk*"

For information about contributing to FreeBSD ports, please see the Porter's
Handbook, available at:

NOTE:  This tree will GROW significantly in size during normal usage!
The distribution tar files can and do accumulate in /usr/ports/distfiles,
and the individual ports will also use up lots of space in their work
subdirectories unless you remember to "make clean" after you're done
building a given port.  /usr/ports/distfiles can also be periodically
cleaned without ill-effect.