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Radim Klaška

Teplice, Czech Republic

Drupal backend developer at . Promoting Drupal in the Czech Republic as a chairman at . Organizing workshops and presenting open-source at various events. Contributing to Drupal projects:

There is not much technical info about OneWheels. I'm trying to aggregate some of it here:
Also, if you are close by and want to try OneWheel - just contact me. I'm happy to share info and give you a ride.

Flying freestyle/racing drones and anything RC for fun. Helping others to get into the hobby. Join us at

[CZ] Náhodné útržky
Pár témat a otázek na které odpovídám poměrně pravidelně. - Potřebuji místo kam mohu sypat náhodné útržky z konverzací. To bude tady:


Let's make this OneWheel BMS repair and the firmware research more sustainable.

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Featured work

  1. Drupalcz/drupalcz community site repository (Drupal 8 version)

    PHP 13
  2. radimklaska/drupal_org_mentor_graph

    Loads mentors using API and visualizes the result using graphviz.

    Python 4
  3. morpht/letsencrypt_drupal

    Let's Encrypt Drupal is a bash script which aids in the maintenance of Let's Encrypt certificates on Acquia servers. It can be used to generate and renew certificates, making it possible to easily …

    Shell 4
  4. radimklaska/onewheel

    Onewheel specs, pinouts, connector types, reverse engineering effort...

    HTML 33

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