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Hello! React Navigation is the most popular navigation library in React Native, although certainly not the only one! shout out to React Native Navigation, which takes another approach and is also a great library in what it sets out to achieve!

It has only been possible up to this point because of the time and money invested by Expo and Software Mansion to support contributors like the current lead maintainer Satyajit Sahoo and others such as Brent, Eric, Evan, Krzysztof, and Wojciech, . Many folks from the community have also volunteered their precious time to the project: Michal Osadnik was instrumental in designing and building React Navigation v5, Erivelton has provided support and improved the documentation, Vojtech maintains popular React Navigation utility libraries and chips in on the library and documentation when he has time, and Janic regularly lives on the bleeding edge, testing new features and helping us improve them before they are included in stable releases.

The npm registry download stats show that React Navigation typically has about 80% of the downloads per week of React Native. While it's impossible to draw any definitive conclusions from this, it does certainly seem likely that most React Native apps use React Navigation.

To keep this project thriving, we could use some sponsorship! If your organization uses React Navigation and you feel like you have benefited from it, then we would appreciate your support! Funds collected through sponsorships will help us to hire contributors to work part-time on a more regular basis on improving React Navigation.

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