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I'm a coder who loves to show other developers the newest possibilities in coding and ways of coding smarter, better or more secure. Especially when running your code in the (Azure) cloud. I do that by writing (example) code and talking at conferences, user groups, meetups or anywhere they'll have me 🤓

Next to that I run my blog at and we create the #Betatalks videos to share knowledge.

Featured work

  1. rickvdbosch/managed-identity-example

    Short and simple example implementation of using a Managed Identity to connect to Azure resources

    C# 7
  2. rickvdbosch/functions-triggers-bindings-example

    Example Azure Functions project that implements different types of Bindings.

    C# 14
  3. rickvdbosch/gsdwaf

    All documentation and source code of the Techorama talk about Azure Functions, Kubernetes, AKS and more

  4. rickvdbosch/mswfy

    Making Serverless Work For You

    TypeScript 1
  5. rickvdbosch/MicrosoftGraphExample

    This repo contains a very simple sample application to invite users to an Azure Active Directory tenant using Microsoft Graph.

    HTML 3
  6. rickvdbosch/netcore3-examples

    Examples for Blazor Server, Blazor WebAssembly and gRPC

    HTML 1

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