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Andrew Hedges

Portland, OR, USA

I founded and lead The Collab Lab, a program for early career developers that teaches collaboration within software teams. Collab Lab is volunteer-driven and free for participants.

We rely on free/freemium tools including GitHub, Netlify, Firebase, Slack, and Zoom as much as possible, but do have some set costs such as the domain name for our website. We’d like to be on a paid tier for both GitHub and Slack to access features including private repos and unlimited chat history. We’d love to be able to upgrade Zoom and to give mentors proper G Suite accounts.

Thanks for considering supporting The Collab Lab!

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$4 a month


I’m here for this content. With my contribution, I pretty much pay for the website. 💪

$8 a month


Know your history! With my contribution, I pay for 1 Slack seat. 🤩

$16 a month


Meet more! With my contribution, I pay for a pro Zoom account so y’all can record longer meetings. 💯

$32 a month


Let’s do this right. With my contribution, I make it possible for the TCL mentors to have G Suite accounts. 🗓

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