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Andrew Hedges

Portland, OR, USA

I founded and lead The Collab Lab, a program for early career developers that teaches collaboration within software teams. Collab Lab is volunteer-driven and free for participants.

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Featured work

  1. the-collab-lab/smart-shopping-list

    Smart Shopping List Template

    JavaScript 6
  2. segdeha/black-girl-hero-game-sprite

    Simple game sprite of a Black girl hero character

  3. segdeha/es6

    Introduction to some of the key features of ES6

    JavaScript 5
  4. segdeha/pdxcodeguild

    Course materials for my class with PDX Code Guild

    JavaScript 5
  5. segdeha/slideshow

    Simple framework for web-based image & video slideshows

    JavaScript 4
  6. segdeha/

    So you never again have to say “It’s 5 o’clock somewhere…”


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