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Maui, Hawaii, USA

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ShakaCode originally started with just me, Justin Gordon. I hired a few people, and we became a small consultancy focusing on optimizing Rails apps that use React. We've been working on React integration with Rails and Webpack since 2014.

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If a React on Rails Pro subscription is too much, we'd still be thrilled if you'd buy us a virtual cup of coffee every month for our open-source efforts!

With your contributions, we'll continue to invest our time to maintain and contribute to these projects:

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Meet the team

Featured work

  1. shakacode/react_on_rails

    Integration of React + Webpack + Rails + rails/webpacker including server-side rendering of React, enabling a better developer experience and faster client performance.

    Ruby 4,880
  2. shakacode/shakapacker

    Use Webpack to manage app-like JavaScript modules in Rails

    Ruby 207
  3. shakacode/react-webpack-rails-tutorial

    Example of integration of Rails, react, redux, using the react_on_rails gem, webpack, enabling the es7 and jsx transpilers, and node integration. And React Native! Live Demo:

    Ruby 1,679
  4. shakacode/sass-resources-loader

    SASS resources (e.g. variables, mixins etc.) loader for Webpack. Also works with less, post-css, etc.

    JavaScript 958
  5. shakacode/rescript-react-on-rails

    BuckleScript bindings to react-on-rails

    ReScript 7
  6. shakacode/cypress-on-rails

    Use with your rails application

    Ruby 341

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